How the European Union is Effected by the Brexit

The Brexit describes the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which can subsequently influence the economic and social conditions of the country.

What is the Brexit and What Caused it?

Brexit means the United Kingdom is departing politically and economically from Europe. Britain was tired of the weak conservative administrations The older pro-Brexit voters were working-class residents who made their home on the English countryside. The older citizens feared free movement of refugees and immigrants. The older citizens believed that the poorer citizens from surrounding countries and taking jobs and benefits away from the British. Britain was a part of the European Union and European Atomic Energy ever since January 1, 1973. On January 31, 2020, Britain became the first country to leave. The British hope that they can recover financially by severing ties with Europe and going out on their own. On the positive side, Brexit will prevent overcrowding in Britain. British worker in other countries will be able bring back their talent to the United Kingdom. Brexit means Britain Exit. The vote took place in 2016 where 98 percent of the British citizens voted for Brexit and 2 percent did not.

The Effect Brexit Had on The European Economy

In 2016, Britain’s decision to exit the European continent had a negative effect on the European economy and social aspects. Britain will no longer be a part of the freedom policies, European politics, goods, services, and more. The British departure from Europe can weaken the forces in the integration. The exports from the United States will cause the goods to be be more expensive than before. As a result of expensive American goods, will bring down the export sales and thus loses the profit from the U.S. Globally, food traders say that if Brexit continues, it could cause a shortage of supplies. The travel insurance EHIC card will only be good until the expiration date arrives. Britain voted to leave the United Kingdom back in 2016 -they thought being part of Europe was a failed experiment. Many researchers find that it is hard to prove or disprove this theory. A large majority of Britain went along with the vote.

Brexit’s Effect on Travel

The price of travels between Britain, Europe, and North America could sit rocket. It can cause fewer people to plan to travel to Britain. People traveling from the United States traveling from Britain to other European countries will experience delays, flight cancelations, and very expensive plane fares. The European passports will be valid for the for time being, but European travelers should not expect any perks. Brexit passports are still good as long they are less than 10 years old. Visa-free travel ceases to exist between the United Kingdom and the other European countries as of the 2020’s. People can still use the Interrail service with no problem because Brexit will not interfere. People who are not European citizens will not be able to use Interrail. So, people from continents other than Europe will have use other forms of train travel. American companies looking to do business with Britain will experience a lot of problems that could effect the British business relations with the United States.

How do people Work and Live with Brexit?

If a person living outside the UK was working in the UK before January 2021, he may remain employee there. People who live and work in the UK but are not citizens, are required to fill out a EU Settlement Scheme form before June 30,2021. January 1, 2021 marked the end of the free-trade between people and goods that takes place between the United Kingdom and the European Union. In February 2021, Duty-free shopping returned. Brits can bring back alcohol and tobacco products from other European markets. Alcohol and tobacco product prices will increase. If a person lives in the UK and own a mobile phone, the roaming charge guarantee will be ending. People who moved to Britain after January 1, 2021 can visit the EU Settlement website to learn the new rules and fill out the application form. Those family members who are not of British or Irish nationality are urged to visit EU Settlement website , too.