Corona Virus and the Effect it Has on Work in the Marketplace

The Corona pandemic has had and continues to have a major impact on many parts of society all around the world.

People Losing Jobs in England During the Pandemic

Statistics show that 66 percent of people to lose their jobs in England were under 25. In total, more than 810,000 people found themselves during the pandemic by April 2020. Statics showed that 33 percent of those unemployed workers suffer from stress and were unable to deal with it. By January 2021, the unemployment rate in London hit 6.9 percent. Unemployment for the whole country is about 4.8 percent. Just like the United States put a stimulus check program into effect, England had an income support honor program put into place in the fall of 2020. In England, the wages of workers were subsidized to help workers whose ages had been cut back because of the pandemic. The European Commonplace helped support people with low income. The Trades Commission wanted to supplement the salary of the workers and re-employ those workers who have been displaced by the pandemic. The unemployed can visit the British employment site for job information.

Young Adult Unemployment in Britain

There were seven ways that young people’s employment was effected by the employment. It was tougher for young employees who have just entered the workforce after college of have entry level positions because they were the first to be let go of their jobs. Furloughed workers under the age of 25, made up 33 percent of workers applying for worker’s compensation. Young workers working in the northern part of England was effected the most of all the young employees in England. Blackpool, and Liverpool are located in northern England and has not been among the wealthiest areas in England. The online job vacancies available to the young workers fell by about 60 percent. It is harder for people 25 and younger to find jobs than ever before. Jobs for college graduates advertised 84 percent less than before. There are 70 percent less jobs in the construction and administration fields. There are no apprenticeships being offered. Young people can expect to be paid less money for three years than the jobs were worth before the pandemic.

Home Workers Employment

The pandemic has changed the business landscape. Many workers are working from home instead of traveling to an office outside from home. Some businesses allowed their employees to work from home, utilizing email to send their documents. Business meeting take place using computer cameras and apps like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom. Jobs that have always been online have increased their workforce since the pandemic. Many home jobs do not come with the benefits traditional jobs do. Many teachers from first grade through graduate school levels are being taught through social media apps provided by the traditional school they attended before the pandemic. The Labour Organization is working on making homeworkers safer and get health risks reduced. Homeowners are paid 13 percent less than traditional workers get. This lower pay It doesn’t matter if a highly skilled homeworking position. Highly skilled homeworkers made less in their job than their traditional worker in their job positions.