Religion – Research, Programs & Positions

There are a large number of programs that focus on the topic of religion. This is one of the top topics that many people in and around the region will find of greatest interest. Even those that are visiting will find that the diversity of religions will allow for a very welcoming environment. It is a known fact that the majority of those in Europe are in some form or another Catholic. With that being said the other religions still have a very strong presence in these countries. This is shown as part of the overall religious diversity that is all across Europe.

Importance of Religion

Even religions such as that of Buddhism have a place in the EU as there are a number of centers and programs that are welcoming to those that are new to their particular faith. If you are new to a particular religion, then odds are that you will find a center or a program that will be designed to help you find the right information that you are seeking out without all of the junk that tends to be tossed into all of the other useful information. This is one reason why so many people will flock to the area of the world as it appears to be a very welcoming. To those of all types of religions, this allows for a very open environment for them to practice without the fear of being persecuted. Religion has always been a huge part of this region so it makes sense that there would be a large presence of all types of religions to give a person something to choose from.

Church and State are Not Separated

Unlike in a lot of countries, there is no separation of church and state as well as no ties to any one particular religion. This also includes no actual ties to religion in any type of treaties that they have with other countries. While this has allowed for a lot more freedom in the way of religion, there are still some dark areas when it comes to the topic of Judaism and religion. While it is getting better, there are still certain sections where this is a touchy subject and one that really needs to not be talked about very much if at all possible. This is just a part of the history that should be included when you are talking about the EU region and religion.

If you travel Europe, you will see that there are a lot of areas that have a devotion to the religions of that particular region. In the areas that are very much Catholic, many of the cathedrals and churches still stand and the original artwork is able to be seen in these spiritually historic places. It is a sight to see and one that is just part of the history that is rich and makes Europe a melting pot for the religion world.

While things are all great and accepting these days, that was not always the case and in fact there was quite a bit of drama back in the early days when talking about religion and Europe. There were some serious dark times and while many would prefer that this not be discussed, it is something that really can’t be ignored. It is hard to think that there was a time when a person was sought out and persecuted all because of the religion that they practiced. This was something that happened and it costs a lot of people their lives and damaged a number of families as they were afraid to let their religion be known for fear that the same fate would await them.

Overall Europe has been very open to people of different religions and that is not something that will more than likely end anytime soon.

The main thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that with all of the classes and programs that are offered no matter where you see yourself in the religious world, chances are that you will find a home that you will be comfortable. It is advised that you do look at the types of religions that are located all around Europe and make sure that there is a religion that you can be comfortable with and that you won’t be causing a culture clash in regards to what you feel about a particular religion or how other may feel.