Germany and the EU

While the French EU relationship has been somewhat bumpy, the truth of the matter is that Germany has a much more strong and resilient relationship with the EU. Both sides benefit greatly from the contributions that the other makes. Germany has had its share of ups and downs and in that time, the EU has been there to help them and give their support when it was needed. Germany has a stronger presence in the EU than its French counterpart. It also has gone a lot farther in helping to contribute to the financial success of the EU as opposed to many other countries that are not as concerned if the EU succeeds or fails. With the capital of Germany being in Berlin and a population of over 82 million Germany is a country that has the potential to help the EU be able to survive if France was to ever leave the EU. The biggest issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that the German people are not exactly that huge on the whole military thing.

More Facts about Germany

Germany is a powerhouse in the fact that they hold 96 seats on the European Parliament. This gives them a good amount of power in helping to shape some of the legislation that will drive the whole European Union. Germany triers to not make too much of this and they like to take a more passive role and let the rest of the EU try and get things done and save their power for more of a deciding role as opposed to be a ruling element. This has helped the country to not come across with such a strong appearance of being dominant and other countries looking at them like that of a bully role.

Germany’s Influence in the EU

Another reason why Germany has such a powerful influence in the EU is that a number of countries that are part of the EU are bordered to Germany and they tend to go with the direction that Germany goes. This is why Germany yields so much more power in terms of political than France. That and the money are two reasons why the EU has enjoyed such a prosperous amount of success over the last several years. France is one of the country’s biggest exporters and importers and that is why the relationship between them is so important.

There is an aspect that needs to be examined in the relation to other countries and their matters. One of these is the issues that some countries including that of the United States have with Russia. Germany is dependent on the natural gas that comes from Russia and with the load of sanctions that the United States leveled at Russia it is apparent that there are some concerns that the German people have with the United States and these sanctions. Chancellor Merkel has expressed her concerns over these sanctions while still trying to maintain a somewhat neutral tone on the whole Russia thing.

With the country of Germany being unified, the country on the whole is looking to pursue its own interests. The country is looking to make a new statement in the fact that they will at times be in opposition to the regulations that Washington imposes on the rest of the world including allies that the country of Germany really depend on.

While the people of Germany do not provide that much in the way of military, they do have a lot to offer in the way of financial support to the EU. France does as well but they also offer the military aspect as well. The relationship between France and the people of Germany is strained at the best and that makes the situation with France and the EU that much more difficult. Ever since the late 1950’s, the people of Germany have enjoyed a great amount of results from a mutual relationship that helps to make the two better. There are a lot of people that look at the situation with the EU and see Germany as the financial savior that the EU needs so much. It makes sense as they are the strongest and most financially responsible member of the EU.

Can the EU Survive without Germany?

One thing is apparent and that is the fact that without Germany, the financial standing of the EU will be greatly damaged. This is obvious for any person that is a fan of history and loves to see how government works. A lot of the states and countries that are part of the EU think that they are the sole thing that is holding the EU up the truth of the matter is that Germany is one of the main reasons that the EU is still experiencing a growth in regards to the financial aspect. Regardless of what many people feel about the EU and Germany relationship, the fact is that without Germany and their money, the EU will have a hard time actually keeping itself together. France could leave and while it would hurt greatly, the truth is that the EU financially could still survive.

Germany will still be strong and able to carry themselves and the EU on their back for a good long while. As long as too many other countries do not decide to jump ship and leave, the EU will thrive and Germany will be able to keep the EU going. Frances next move will lead to a serious reevaluation of the relationship that them and Germany have with one another and in that, there will be a lot of people that wonder can France be the catalyst that leads to the ruin of the EU or does Germany really have what it takes to keep the EU together and free from falling apart? Only time will tell how this will all play out and as to the importance that Germany will or won’t play in the course of the EU restructuring.