France and the EU

France and the EU have a weird relationship and they need one another and yet without the EU France feels it could do better. This is a lot like a bad relationship where one person thinks they will be better without the other one. The truth of the matter is that France needs the EU as much as the EU needs France. France is the largest country in the EU and that is why the EU is in need for them to be a part of it. If France was to leave, then the EU would suffer greatly. France has been a member of the EU since 1958 and in that times the country and the EU has thrived. With mountains in the East and South, France is a booming tourist destination including the capital of Paris; that is where a number of people go for their honeymoon.

Understanding the France EU Relationship

In a lot of ways though while France seems to be able to stand on its own, it does need the many resources that France gets from the EU. With all of the case being made as to why France needs to remain in the EU, the signs are on the wall that the people of France are ready to make a bold exit from the EU when they voted for 43 % in favor for a candidate that did not tote the party line of the EU. With this one statement, it was obvious that the people of France were ready for a change. This signaled Le Pen is looking to make a number of changes that would without a doubt push France away from the values that the EU has held for such a long time and would in the end sort of lead to them not being on the best of terms with other countries such as Germany. The EU needs France way more than France needs the EU. The main reason for this is with Brexit happening as well as France talking about leaving, this leads to the strong military that the EU has been accustomed to. France seems to want to flaunt the fact that they are better than those countries in the EU and that is evident with the remarks that Le Pen has been making as of late.

Frexit or Bust

Things between the EU and France have not always been on bad terms, there was a time when the two actually shared a good relationship. That has taken a radical turn since the days of Le Pen making her statements about France and the relationship of the EU. While the current French President has not been as strong in support in a Frexit option, he has said that the EU needs to reform or they could very well see the end of France being a part of their union. This has been gaining momentum in the fact that France has seen a large amount of anti-EU sentiment in the fact that only second to Greece they have the largest number of Residents that are looking to leave the EU without a moment’s notice.

It is no secret that with Brexit happening if Frexit was to occur, it would be a mortal blow to the EU and one that could very well cripple the EU entirely. The EU holds so much in regard to France that is has been said if France coughs the EU winds up with the flu. What the future holds for France and the EU is still very hazy and could rest on how the two get along. With President Macron, there is at least hope that the France, EU relationship can survive a little longer. Anything is possible and if the EU does reform, then this would be a very good sign that the two will have a chance at rebuilding their future. One thing that will harm the relationship with the EU and France is the fact that President Macron is very much a President that listens to what the people of his country want. This in that case could be the death certificate to the EU and France.

Outlook for France and the EU

No matter what happens with the France and EU relationship, the one thing that is able to be said is that the people of France are a strong people and will be able to make it. France has seen a number of things that should have broken them as a country and has as a result overcome those odds. The EU will need to do whatever is needed to make sure that the people of France are happy and that the EU does not have to try and survive a loss of a country that has brought so much to the EU. France and Germany are the two countries that are holding the EU together and if either one of the4se falls out of the EU, then it will put more pressure on the other. If both happen to leave the EU, then you are looking at a situation where the EU will collapse all in on itself.